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IBM Integration Modernisation Field Guide

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Evolve your integration strategy

Organisations need to increase the speed of integrations while lowering cost. Going fast without the right approach, guided by real-world operational data, gets you to the wrong place faster. Rethink your integration strategy to integrate faster with higher quality, changing integration from a bottleneck into a critical enabler of innovation.


Adopt agile integration. Agile integration spans people, process, architecture and technology to enable you to break free from heavily centralised integration architectures that cannot support the demand.

Bring automation into integration. Powered by AI, automating your integrations enables you to leverage best practices and built-in reuse to eliminate the skills barrier and improve efficiency.

Implement a closed-loop integration lifecycle. Use realworld, company-specific operational data to identify issues and recommendations, and continuously improve integrations.

Use multiple integration styles. Using different styles of integration together streamlines the integration lifecycle, allowing your team to deliver faster and better than a one-size-fits-all approach.

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