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Rapidly unlock enhanced efficiency and visibility within your supply chain.

As contract warehousing gains traction, logistics firms need top-notch Warehouse Management System (WMS) connectivity to meet demands for performance, accuracy, and security.

Retailers, focused on customer happiness, rely on logistics providers’ supply chain expertise to expedite end-user service. Yet, data visibility gaps across systems can cause significant issues, especially when implementing new tech like Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs).

Despite being a favoured solution, the onboarding process between clients and logistics firms often drags on. Projects can last up to 18 months, with costs for integrations, customisations, and support affecting schedules and budgets. Efficient WMS connectivity is vital for meeting customer needs and ensuring smooth operations.

Learn how the Prolifics logistic experts are leveraging the powerful API-Led MuleSoft platform to rapidly solve the onboarding process and improve visibility across the supply chain.