Modernizing Legacy Applications and Data Assets for a Global Consumer Packaged Goods Leader

June 27, 2023
Modernizing Legacy Applications and Data Assets for a Global Consumer Packaged Goods Leader

Discover how we helped a client overcome scalability limitations, streamline partner onboarding, and eliminate maintenance issues through our cutting-edge integration expertise.

Our Client

Our client is a prominent consumer packaged goods (CPG) company.

The Challenge – Modernization and Streamlining for Business Excellence

Our client embarked on a comprehensive three-year technology modernization roadmap to enhance process efficiency, improve business performance, and foster better collaboration. The primary goals were to modernize legacy SAP applications, integration processes, and infrastructure to ensure improved agility and real-time communications with vendors.

  • Existing landscape involved hundreds of vendors and relied on thousands of point-to-point interfaces using EDI (Electronic Data Interchange).
  • Complex network led to errors, cost inefficiencies, sluggish performance, and potential issues with invoicing, production, and shipments.
  • Specific challenges included scalability limitations, lack of reuse, extended partner onboarding, inflexibility, poor lifecycle management, and maintenance and support issues.
Action – Translating Vision into State-of-the-Art Architecture

The project employed an architecture-agile approach, establishing a reliable and scalable framework for future interface transformations. Prolifics’ relied on its expertise in implementing cutting-edge Canonical Design patterns to oversee design, implementation and testing phases.

Hani Alhaddad, Prolifics’ Director of Client Success, states:

“Canonical Design promotes seamless integration by establishing a standard and consistent representation of Data. It simplifies the integration process and interoperability leading to more efficient and scalable integration solutions.”

  • Prolifics gained a deep understanding of the client’s modernization vision and identified pain points through comprehensive landscape analysis.
  • A new architecture was proposed to streamline interface management and simplify the environment, leveraging reusable components, decoupled integration, and an API-first strategy.
  • Customization capabilities were implemented to meet specific customer requirements without the need for separate code versions.
  • Non-EDI interfaces, including app-to-app connections for communication between SAP and the payroll system, as well as internal application integration, will also be analyzed.

The successful translation of our client’s vision into a tangible framework positioned Prolifics as a trusted partner, leading to an expanded scope of work and an additional project for detailed design of EDI conversions and API interfaces.


What began as a project to modernize legacy SAP PI EDI-based integration quickly transformed into a landmark endeavor within our client’s project portfolio. The mission is to modernize their entire integration landscape using a component of SAP Business Transformation Platform (BTP) called CPI (Cloud Platform Integration), a cloud-based integration platform that allows organizations to connect different systems and applications. It supports both cloud-to-cloud and cloud-to-on-premises integrations, making it easier for organizations to connect and synchronize data between different applications and platforms.

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