Week 2 of Prolifics’ June of Gen AI for Business

June 11, 2024
Week 2 of Prolifics’ June of Gen AI for Business

A Month of Innovation and Learning 

In Week 2, we will focus on exploring the benefits of AI beyond generative models. We will also discuss how AI and automation can help businesses grow.

Here’s what’s coming up in the second week:

Tuesday, June 11th – Helping Clients Understand AI Platforms and Products

Ever wondered what makes an AI platform different from an AI product? Or how to choose the right one for your specific business needs? Salem Hadim presents an in-depth discussion on these crucial distinctions.

This session provides an overview of popular platforms such as Gemini, Bedrock, Azure OpenAI, and watsonx.ai. We will also explore various product categories with real-world examples. Gain insights into selecting the right AI tools to propel your business forward.

Wednesday, June 12th – AI Business Value: Assistants, Vector DBs, Knowledge Graphs

How can AI assistants, vector databases, and knowledge graphs transform your business operations? Rajesh Gontla, Shashank Pandey, and Bhagyashri Murlidhar Gohane guide us through the business needs these technologies address. We will learn about solutions and examples from Prolifics’ clients. Plus, we will see demos of the technologies in action and discover the tangible business value they deliver.

Thursday, June 13th – AI Business Value: Autonomous Automation, Predictive AI, and Computer Vision

Interested in how autonomous automation, predictive analytics, and computer vision are changing the game? Discover new technologies with Sunil Mukati, Prins Kumar, Drakshayani Hattiyavar, and Ajay Madwesh. We will learn how top companies are using AI solutions to achieve great results and stay competitive.

Let’s continue our journey of Thinking, Learning, and Applying AI for Business. Dive deeper into the exciting world of AI and automation as we work towards creating significant business value. Contact us for a FREE discovery call!

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