Better Data Access Equals Better Student Experience

March 25, 2022
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Made up of six smaller colleges, a research-intensive post-secondary institution (PSI) boasts some of the best educational experiences in the world.


PSI recently celebrated 30 years of equipping students with the skills and knowledge they need to change the world. With six schools – chemical and biomedical; civil and environmental; computer science and engineering; electrical and electronic; materials science; and mechanical and aerospace – it has established itself as one of the leading post-secondary technology institutions in the world. 

For PSI, success lies with “specificity”: the six dedicated schools that help students find and explore their passions. But this same specificity creates challenges with student management systems (SMS) continuity. Disparate SMS created unneeded complexity and costs around data handling, reporting, and management, making it harder for staff to manage student data at scale.

How Prolifics met the PSI Challenge

The university decided to streamline the student experience with a single, cloud-based offering – while ensuring the continued specificity that sets PSI apart from other post-secondary options. However, with no expertise in data migration or testing, PSI needed a partner capable of managing this SMS shift.

Prolifics’ pedigree as a testing and automation partner for one of the world’s leading SIS providers put us in the perfect position to assist. The university invited our teams to provide a complete managed service that covered all functional and non-functional testing – along with performance, security, and integration.

After an initial consultation to determine the scope of work, Prolifics deployed a team of 20 to handle the large-scale requirements of this cloud SMS move. Functions included everything from initial outset assessment to complete network scoping to creating a test strategy, with a planned completion date in October 2022. 

Prolifics leveraged a three-way process:

  • Provide and configure necessary software
  • Make sure it was fit for purpose
  • Provide the chance to accept the system as presented or suggest changes via a user acceptance testing (UAT) phase

In practice, this end-to-end management approach often meant combining functional testing with two-week sprints across multiple Prolifics scrum teams. In some cases, up to 12 sprints happened in parallel to ensure function models worked together and new system frameworks were capable of handling access requests from thousands of students simultaneously. 


Cloud-based SMS systems help schools deliver student success at scale. The move to more agile offerings isn’t just about reducing costs – it’s about staying competitive in a global marketplace that leverages digital frameworks to enhance the student experience from application to enrollment, to records management and career opportunities. 

For PSI, making the move to cloud SMS was critical to help lay the foundation for the next 30 years. For Prolifics, the project was an opportunity to showcase end-to-end management that included data mapping, cleansing, testing, and validation. 

Along with increased efficiency and streamlined processes, the university has recognized competitive benefits that help drive sustained student success.

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