Mortgage Lender Opens Door to Better Opportunities for Home Buyers

January 31, 2022
Mortgage Lender Opens Door to Better Opportunities for Home Buyers

Our Customer

This industry-leading mortgage lending company helps its clients buy, build, remodel, or refinance, by offering a variety of loan options and guiding clients through the mortgage process.

The Challenge

An industry-leading mortgage lending company (MLC) was having trouble optimizing the loan origination process, ensuring loans were of high quality, tracking the costs of individual loans, and leveraging data to solve issues. Not only was their current business intelligence system obsolete, but it also didn’t position them to meet their goals of improving how they established and managed loans. As a result, MLC was at risk of falling.

How Prolifics Met MLC’s Challenge

The mortgage lender had been using a Microsoft SQL server and running Power BI for their business reporting. They wanted to modernize their solution, moving it over to Snowflake. So at first, they wanted Prolifics to perform a relatively simple repoint from their current server over to Snowflake.

However, as Prolifics industry experts dug deeper during the discovery phase, it became clear that what MLC really needed was a revamp of their system. What they had created was inefficient, didn’t enable them to meet their business goals, and wasn’t in line with industry standards. Hence, Prolifics took a step back and proposed rearchitecting their solution from scratch.

Prolifics was able to develop an effective solution for MLC using our unique IP processes and technologies, such as the Effecta accelerator and a system that ensures clients benefit from industry expertise.


With Prolifics’ BI solution, MLC will be able to leverage data to improve their services and develop novel, innovative ways to generate revenue. At the same time, with Prolifics managed services, MLC can keep their costs low, bolstering their ROI.

Some of the benefits of Prolifics’ solution include:

  • The ability for end users to self-generate reports, saving MLC time and resources
  • Global delivery capabilities and the leveraging of time zones due to Prolifics having team members all over the world, which frees MLC from the constraints of an 8-to-5 business day
  • 24/7 on-call services, enabling technical users to address issues at times convenient for them
  • With their new architecture, MLC will be able to glean and use data faster, thanks to nightly loads, enabling end-user reports to be updated on a daily instead of a weekly basis

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