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February 23, 2023

State Health Agency Says Goodbye to Manual Paperwork

Our client is a health services division (HSD) of a large city health network. HSD provides health services at the city’s correctional institutions. We began working with them in 2018.

Our Client


HSD maintained a comprehensive record of the actions taken with their employees, including hirings, salary adjustments, terminations, paid time off (PTO) and promotions. Unfortunately, most of that data was documented on paper, and the data that was digitized was scattered across multiple data collection systems, making it highly inefficient and costly to run.

An HR representative who’d worked with Prolifics while at a previous organization, reached out to Prolifics to discuss how we could eliminate their manual processes by implementing a solution to digitize and centralize their data.


We introduced the HSD team to PATS, our Personnel Actions Tracking System, designed to keep completely digitized employee records. They were immediately sold on the software and trusted Prolifics’ modernization experts to implement it. Our modernization experts developed the front-end to allow HSD to log in and enter employee data, and back-end where that data gets transferred to a Microsoft SQL Server database. PATS is a repeatable solution for Prolifics, which allowed us to implement it quickly. We customized it for HSD’s unique environment and integrated it with their existing data systems.

We also entered into a managed services arrangement with HSD, providing them with ongoing support, regular enhancements and new-version upgrades for integration with new databases or operating systems.


With PATS, HSD’s manual paperwork and spreadsheets are history. Andrew Blank, Vice President of Technical Sales with Prolifics, said, “The client’s employee information is now completely digitized in a web accessible format and can be seen in one place.” It’s revolutionary software that contains the full history of HSD’s actions with their employees and can even communicate with their other data systems to update employee information as needed.

PATS enables HSD to easily access and share the most accurate data and gives them the ability to automate many of their processes going forward. It is also cloud-ready software.

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