Salesforce Engineering Helps Keep the Cash – and Truckers – Rolling Along

December 21, 2023

Our client

Our client is a leading provider of financial, office and technology services to the trucking industry. Our client’s main business is accounts receivable factoring. This means that our client buys the accounts receivable of a trucking company – the monies owed to the trucking company by their customers (shippers).  


The challenges our client faced were in critical segments of their business and were related to managing customer data, providing customer services, and lifting up the overall customer experience. The challenges included: 

  •  The struggle to get new customer leads, and then convert and onboard those customers, all in a cost-effective manner. Our client felt that their onboarding costs were expensive.
  • The factoring process needs a number of different pieces of information to determine what the discounted payment should be. Our client was running these rules on an old, legacy system which was no longer meeting their needs.
  • Because of the systems, the client’s back-office staff wasn’t getting the right information to help their customers or the company itself.
  • There were also challenges in creating daily and monthly sales reports. The client struggled to present meaningful data to its executive board. 



Our work with the client falls under our Salesforce Engineering offering. Salesforce is a leading customer relationship management (CRM) company. This client contacted us through a recommendation.  



With Marketing Cloud and the new digital avenues, campaigns are getting new leads from different sources, with lower costs per conversion.  

With the API integration, the data, rules and the validation conditions are sent to Sales Cloud within 20 minutes – meaning customer answers in 20 minutes. 

With information updating in Service Cloud, the back-office staff can readily track receipts and payments, with seamless communication between customers and the back-office team.  


More on Prolifics’ Salesforce Engineering

This success story comes from Prolifics’ Salesforce Engineering offering. It’s our process of designing, developing and maintaining software applications built on the Salesforce platform. Our offering includes programming languages, frameworks, tools, integrations, security, scalability and performance. Salesforce Engineering helps to build a robust and scalable platform for you to drive growth.   


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