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IBM App Connect Enterprise
(ACE) Upgrade

Transition seamlessly with the UK's leading IBM Business Partner

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IBM Integration Modernisation: Powered by Prolifics

Accelerated Migration
to IBM ACE v12.0

Prolifics have a wealth of experience of IBM’s automation product suite.

Keeping software at a supported version is vital to your business. Having upgraded IBM App Connect Enterprise for multiple customers, we understand the importance of getting it right the first time.

Acknowledging that some of our customers need a more convenient way to make these potentially complex upgrades successful with minimal fuss, Prolifics have created an offering based on our standard methodology for implementing upgrades.

Our ‘off-the-shelf’ upgrade offering can be delivered for under £50k (over 8-12 weeks)*

We can create a bespoke offering to include additional aspects you may require, such functional and non-functional testing, re-engineering for better performance, or any other technical development, for example, migration to Cloud.

*Assuming three non-production and one production environment. A discovery call is required before a contract is created.

The Fastest Route to IBM ACE

Upgrade Your Software Using our Phased Approach


We will scope your environment to determine a suitable high-level design for your IBM ACE implementation; guiding a migration plan.


Our trusted team will install the latest version of IBM ACE onto your new environments, as agreed during the inception phase.


If your current implementation of IBM ACE has any custom code, we will provide a set of integrations that ensure undisrupted functionality.


Your new ACE implementation will be deployed to new environments, followed by stringent integration testing. Prolifics then validate a rollback plan.


Steps in the 'run book' will be followed to switch to the newly installed environment.


Prolifics will provide a complimentary 1 week of 'heightened support' through our expert managed services team to ensure performance.

A Complete App Connect Enterprise Upgrade Service

Modernise with Prolifics

Our IBM ACE migration service utilises the information we gather about your organisation’s implementation to create a bespoke migration project plan that will upgrade your systems from its current version to the latest vendor supported version; this can be conducted as a fixed price or as a ‘time and materials’ project if preferred.

The initial engagement will be in the form of a discovery workshop to confirm the nature of your environments and applications which use them. We will then provide a migration proposal based on the information acquired and standard assumptions.

We will deploy a team of experienced IBM ACE engineers to work alongside your IT professionals to build new environments and migrate your applications to use them when your operational schedule allows.

Each environment migrated will be unit tested and time will be included for functional testing to be carried out. A short period of hypercare will also be provided post migration to address any unforeseen issues.

Why Move to IBM ACE v12.0?
  • Improved Reliability
  • Increased Security
  • AI and Automation Ready
  • New, Smart Connectors
  • Upgraded UI

Case Study

IBM ACE In Action: UK Defence Industry

Through API integration, this critical transformation of communication and supply chain management became a reality for a UK government organisation.

This case study showcases Prolifics’ use of IBM App Connect Enterprise (ACE) to digitally transform a vital sector of the military through security-cleared consulting.

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Case Study

IBM Integration: Modernising a CPG Organisation

Our client wanted to modernise and integrate its legacy systems, including a move to the cloud- to firstly reduce the amount of manual work within its processes, and secondly reduce the costs of legacy, on-prem software licensing costs.

Prolifics assisted with an implementation of IBM Integration technology.

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Start Your IBM App Connect Enterprise Upgrade

Request a Discovery Call

Spend 30 minutes with our IBM ACE migration expert, for an assessment of the time and cost required to upgrade you to the latest version.


Need Clarification?

As an IBM Platinum Business Partner for over 30 years, our experience with IBM integration software is immense. Prolifics' dedicated engineering practice provides unmatched consultancy, support and testing to ensure your IBM ACE implementation functions correctly on-premise or across cloud deployments.

Yes. Our engineering team are able to work collaboratively with your organisation to provide a simple route to IBM ACE. We are also able to refactor any gateways, API services or provide consultancy on your integration's architecture.

Prolifics has the capabilities to help you get to the cloud and make the most of it.

We provide cloud-native development services and more, to accelerate your digital transformation. Explore our capabilities.

Yes. Whether it's by some of the world's leading organisations, or by IBM's services teams, Prolifics comprises of SMEs who have helped shape IBM's integration software. Our accelerators, frameworks and solutions provide us with a deep pool of knowledge on App Connect Enterprise.