European Logistics Provider Defeats the Competition with APIs

July 13, 2023
European Logistics Provider Defeats the Competition with APIs


Our client is a European leading provider of value-added logistics solutions, e-fulfilment and returns management services, carried out through a large network of warehouses and distribution centres. We’ll refer our client as ELS (European logistics solutions).


This success story features a multi-faceted project, in which where Prolifics was closely aligned with ELS to effectively manage, implement, and provide business transformation consultancy at each step. As projects were completed, new opportunities arose to engage Prolifics and propel ELS forward.


The transformation included 3 distinct projects, each enabling our client to improve visibility, onboarding and innovation. The three projects included:

  • Integration with 3rd party carriers using APIs

The client’s first big challenge was integrating its warehouse management system with various dispatch carriers that took product from the warehouses for delivery. Prolifics UK worked with MuleSoft to build the business case to ELS as a problem-solving combination of MuleSoft software with Prolifics’ assets and consultants. We offered the reference architecture work at a fixed price with an outcome-based delivery.

  • Standardisation for warehouse users to remove ‘custom’ onboarding

After the success of the integration project, Prolifics and MuleSoft started working with ELS on another challenge: standardising ELS’ onboarding and ingestion of warehouse users and customer data. ELS required a canonical data model to accommodate the seamless flow of data from warehouse users to retailers, ensuring that the correct products are stored on-site with ELS.

  • Adding robots & scanners for improved distribution

With the success of the MuleSoft implementation and reusable APIs, ELS asked Prolifics for help with more advanced technology – beyond classic integration issues. ELS approached Prolifics regarding the use of intelligent robots within their warehouse and distribution centres. These were to automate a series of processes, moving and managing goods through a unified and centralised system.


Download to find out how Prolifics:

  • Saved £1.4k per error
  • Removed over 200+ integrations to manage
  • Saved 3100 hours in development time
  • Saved £176k for each new customer onboarded (or 800 hours)