April 25, 2024

2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

API Security Workshop with NoName Security

Learn to Secure Your APIs – Minimise your software vulnerabilities

API Security Workshop London with NoName Security


April 25, 2024
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
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131 Finsbury Pavement
London EC2A 1NT United Kingdom

The world’s most prestigious brands have been victims of API-related security incidents, as hackers view Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) as the latest attack vector; with 74% of cybersecurity professionals experiencing an API security-related incident in 2022, securing APIs has become crucial.

APIs have rapidly changed the technology landscape, with Cloudflare stating that API calls have doubled, resulting in faster integration and improved data sharing, whilst API vulnerability detection hasn’t evolved as quickly and can pose serious risks.

Join Prolifics and NoName Security, a Gartner-recognised ‘API threat protection specialists’, for an in-person workshop to learn how to effectively combat API threats, including identifying some of the risks associated with APIs. Attendees will gain hands-on experience with the techniques used to exploit vulnerable APIs.

The API Security Workshop will also examine actual traffic and how it is analysed and viewed within the NoName Platform, using its posture management and runtime protection.

Note: Pre- and post-workshop materials will be provided.

Workshop Objectives: 

  • Policy creation and its importance in automating the remediation process
  • Understanding the benefits of Active Testing
  • Reviewing and understanding API vulnerabilities and corresponding threats in the Noname Discovery page
  • Automating issue detection, issue comprehension, and remediation strategies
  • Understanding DataType tagging and its importance in discovery and security risk detection
  • Understanding the OWASP API Top 10 and the associated security risk around the number one vulnerability to APIs – Broken Object Level Authorisation (BOLA)


Solution Architects, Enterprise Architects, Integration Developers, or any IT technical professional keen on exploring the practical applications of APIs and gaining insights into the D.A.R.T. strategy along with its implementation tools.