PROLIFICS NEWS – IBM Recognizes Prolifics with three Beacon Finalists

May 20, 2021
PROLIFICS NEWS – IBM Recognizes Prolifics with three Beacon Finalists

ORLANDO, FLA., May 12, 2021 – Prolifics, a global digital transformation leader and a longtime IBM business partner, is thrilled to announce that IBM named three Prolifics solutions as finalists in its 2021 Beacon Awards. Now in their 22nd year, the IBM Beacon Awards celebrate the next generation of innovators, creators and thinkers that use IBM technology, like hybrid cloud and AI, to power innovative solutions for partners and their clients. Our three 2021 recognized solutions are: 

Prolifics E&U Agile Integration Modernization solution in IBM’s Outstanding Application & Integration Modernization Solution award category. This solution specifically serves energy and utility (E&U) companies that are facing challenges in today’s digital world – tech-savvy customers demanding open, transparent usage and billing access; regulatory agencies connecting rates to new kinds of key performance indicators (KPIs); and non-traditional competition cutting into revenue. These E&U companies cannot begin to deal with any of this if they’re operating older and outdated legacy systems. Prolifics E&U Agile Integration Modernization solution is a key enabler for E&U modernization initiatives. It is built on IBM Hybrid Cloud Technology (IBM Cloud Pak for Integration) with accelerators and assets specifically curated to lead a successful, agile integration – in fact, a digital transformation – for E&U companies. Prolifics E&U Agile Integration Modernization helps companies move from a point-to-point or legacy integration model to a Hybrid Cloud integration platform.  

Prolifics Healthcare Interoperability with Quick FHIR solution in IBM’s “Best Hybrid Cloud Value to Client” award category. As the healthcare industry moves to value-based care, both providers and payers must have access to a more holistic view of consolidated patient data. To overcome all of the scattered silos of information that exist today, organizations must implement data sharing through interoperability across systems, enabled by new standards – the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources, or FHIR (pronounced “fire”) – published by Health Level Seven International (HL7). Prolifics Healthcare Interoperability with Quick FHIR provides that data-sharing backbone. Leveraging IBM Cloud Pak for Integration and Cloud Pak for Data, it is a digital healthcare integration, interoperability and data platform based around FHIR. It allows organizations to share and consume data using FHIR application programming interface (API) standards, expose existing data behind these APIs, produce data insights from machine learning (ML) models trained on aggregated sets of FHIR data, and integrate the APIs, data and insights into digital business applications in the Cloud, on-premises, or a Hybrid Cloud platform.  

Prolifics Outcome-based Process Automation solution in IBM’s Outstanding Business Automation Solution award category. This solution builds on the fact that Prolifics has been successfully delivering business results from Process Automation projects for years. Prolifics has evolved their Process Automation approach, adding a KPI-focused methodology and process mining to specifically quantify the projected results of an automation initiative – before it begins. Our solution works through the combination of IBM Cloud Pak for Automation, myInvenio process mining, and Prolifics accelerators and repeatable outcome-based frameworks. Prolifics leverages process mining to accelerate the initiation and success of larger automation projects. 

Prolifics CEO Satya Bolli stated, “The IBM Beacon finalist awards reflect the fact that we are constantly innovating real-world solutions to meet the needs of our clients in this digital transformation environment. We’re proud to be recognized for our technological advances and the benefits they provide.” 

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