PROLIFICS NEWS – Prolifics Outcome-based Process Automation Solution Recognized by IBM

May 20, 2021
PROLIFICS NEWS – Prolifics Outcome-based Process Automation Solution Recognized by IBM

ORLANDO, FLA., May 12, 2021 – Prolifics, a global digital transformation leader and a longtime IBM business partner, is thrilled to announce that IBM named Prolifics as a finalist in its 2021 Beacon Awards. Our “Outcome-based Process Automation” solution is recognized in IBM’s “Outstanding Business Automation Solution” award category.  

 Now in their 22nd year, the IBM Beacon Awards celebrate the next generation of innovators, creators and thinkers that use IBM technology, like hybrid cloud and AI, to power innovative solutions for partners and their clients. 

 Prolifics has been successfully delivering business results from Process Automation projects for years. But these types of projects are often lengthy and expensive, which makes them difficult for an organization to cost justify. The Outcome-based Process Automation approach provides rapid visibility into specifically projected business results before an investment is made, reducing the risk typically associated with large scale automation projects and enabling a more agile, phased approach to implementation. 

 Our solution works through the combination of IBM Cloud Pak for Automation, myInvenio process mining, and Prolifics accelerators and repeatable outcome-based frameworks. Prolifics leverages process mining to accelerate the initiation and success of larger automation projects. 

The Prolifics Outcome-based Process Automation solution uses the following steps:  

  1. Automate Process Discovery: Often problems have non-obvious causes. We are able to pinpoint those hidden root causes through process mining and our framework.  
  2. Quantify the Benefits: We conduct process-mapping and add measurable cost and time measurements to the complete process – not just the problem areas.  
  3. Quantify the Cost: Prolifics architects the proposed automation solution and phases to generate cost options. 
  4. Guarantee the Outcomes: Using the quantifiable information from the above two steps, Prolifics creates a documented proposal with financial accountability and projected measurable outcomes.   
  5. Automate the Process: Once approved, Prolifics initiates the project using our time-tested process automation methodology.   
  6. Demonstrate the Results: Once the new process is live, Prolifics monitors its performance over a period of time and documents the results for the client, demonstrating the projected benefits. 
  7. Provide Automation as a Service: An optional step, Prolifics may provide managed services to the client to monitor and adjust the process over time. 

Gartner’s Business Automation practice described our approach as compelling and unique in the market – and we agree. Prolifics Outcome-based Process Automation finds the real, hard-data reasons for process inefficiencies, and projects specific, measurable outcomes based on how the client wants to automate the process. 

Prolifics CEO Satya Bolli stated, “Companies can now take a fresh look at automation and the projects they may have been reluctant to start. We can show them exactly what is happening through process mining and quantify the benefits from the proposed automation. The guesswork is gone.”   

About Prolifics 

Prolifics is a global digital transformation leader with expertise in Data & AI, Integration & Applications, Business Automation, DevXOps, Test Automation, and Cybersecurity across multiple industries. We provide consulting, engineering and managed services for all our practice areas at any point our clients need them. Vision to Value. Faster. It’s not just the Prolifics’ tagline, it’s what drives us. 

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