A Major Cruise Line Finds Smooth Sailing Through Cloud Migration

August 25, 2023


a renowned cruise line (CL) company that operates a fleet of luxury ships and provides exceptional travel experiences to passengers worldwide. 


With a goal to enhance agility and competitiveness in the dynamic cruise industry, CL sought to migrate critical applications, including reservations and supply chain management, to AWS. The move aimed to enable efficient resource scaling during peak seasons, optimize costs amidst budget constraints, and enhance global data security and customer experiences. Nevertheless, managing overlapping functionalities and dependencies between applications and middleware components posed challenges, necessitating meticulous planning and execution for a successful migration. 

CL sought the expertise of Prolifics to orchestrate a seamless migration of their applications and data assets to the AWS platform. This success story comes from our Platform Engineering and Cloud Optimization Offering, which aims to establish a future-proof infrastructure for seamless application performance, scalability, reliability, and cost efficiency.  


Prolifics conducted a thorough analysis of all applications requiring migration to AWS, documenting all components. This comprehensive process enabled us to assess the effort needed and create a well-defined roadmap aligned with CL’s timeline. Following a phased approach, we systematically focus on each application, ensuring a stable and reliable migration process that avoids disruptions to CL’s operations. 

We began the migration process by successfully transitioning CL’s vital Seaware Reservation System (SRS), a specialized software solution tailored for the cruise industry to manage and streamline cruise booking processes and passenger management. This first step of the migration process was executed flawlessly, resulting in a smooth shift to the cloud. In parallel, we are actively involved in the migration of PeopleSoft, encompassing the Human Resources (HR) and Finance modules, with steady progress. 

Upcoming plans involve migrating CL’s vital Customs & Border Protection (CBP) application (passenger processing, customs, and immigration compliance), and a suite of essential supply chain applications: Ariba (cost management), GTreasury (cash and risk management), and OnBase (content management). Each step underscores our strong partnership as we collaboratively modernize and optimize their digital infrastructure, delivering an unwavering commitment to an optimized cloud environment that supports CL’s continued success. 

Benefits and Results:

This strategic transition positions CL as an agile and cost-efficient player in the cruise industry. By migrating to AWS Cloud, CL anticipates significant cost savings, heightened process efficiency, and improved collaboration across teams. The move will enable the cruise line company to scale resources as needed during peak seasons, benefit from a cost-efficient pay-as-you-go model and ensure seamless customer service and data protection with AWS’s global reach and robust security measures. 

Additionally, leveraging AWS’s flexibility and innovative tools will facilitate quick feature development, fostering competitiveness, while disaster recovery options guarantee business continuity and improved performance enhances the overall customer experience.  

The partnership between CL and Prolifics exemplifies the significance of expert guidance and tailored solutions for a seamless and successful cloud migration, ensuring the realization of anticipated benefits. With this approach, we are confident in exceeding the client’s timeline and achieving a successful cloud migration, leading to an optimized and future-ready IT infrastructure for CL’s sustained growth and success. 

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