Global Payments Company Meets Strategic Goals for India Processing

November 21, 2022

Our client

Our client is a global technology company (GTC) in the payments industry. The company’s principal business is to process credit card transactions and payments safely and accurately in the 4-party model, composed of the card holder, the card-issuing bank, the merchant, and the merchant’s bank. Our client must be able to authorize a transaction – approve a card tap, chip or swipe – from any one of millions of acceptance locations, against tens of thousands of processing and fraud prevention rules in a matter of milliseconds.

Prolifics worked extensively with GTC to modernize and upgrade its systems to improve processing times and enhance security. This included upgrading its Decision Management Platform (DMP) and related programs. We handled the volume, complexity and time sensitivity of this project without any interruption in the performance of GTC’s mission critical functions. This has led to additional engagements, including the subject of this success story.


GTC has previously run its DMP within a US-located datacenter. To say the platform is “mission critical” would be a gross understatement, as the DMP:

  • Powers more than 20 decision, safety and fraud products
  • Processes more than 1.2 billion transactions per day
  • Authorizes transactions against more than 70,000 processing and fraud prevention rules

GTC has a strategic initiative to deploy parts of the DMP platform to other locations outside of the US. The first target in this initiative was India, partly due to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) requirements that India domestic payment information only be stored in India. GTC’s first milestone in this initiative was the automatic deployment of approximately 35 percent of the DMP platform within three locations in India in 2022 – named “India on Soil” or IOS.


As noted above in the “Our client” section, Prolifics has worked extensively with GTC in the past, upgrading its DMP and related programs on the IBM Operational Decision Manager (ODM) system – its business rule management system. Since that time, our involvement has grown to actually managing the DMP. There is a full team of nine to 10 Prolifics personnel who are managing the entire platform – business as usual (BAU) activities as well as ODM releases. We built on this group to help GTC set up the DMP in India.

Prolifics started by onboarding a DevOps Lead and a DevOps Engineer to augment the DMP team.

We then provided a capacity-based team of DevOps resources to augment the GTC teams. The main role of the DevOps Lead was the design and architecture of the required automation, while the main role of the DevOps Engineer was to create, update and execute the automation pipelines for the DMP datacenter move.

The Prolifics team is configuring the entire infrastructure automation for the new data center using Chef (an automation software) and Habitat (an application automation framework) technologies.

So, once the infrastructure and the infrastructure automation is completed, we will step in to become responsible for all of the IOS DevOps activities, from deploying to different environments to managing the releases.


The IOS project will be completed in fall, 2022. GTC is meeting its strategic goals for deploying parts of the DMP platform outside of the US, as well as meeting RBI payment information requirements.


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