Identity & Access Management Modernization Gives Client Peace of Mind

April 18, 2023

Prolifics’ automation reduces entire project time

Prolifics has worked with this large, multinational insurance and healthcare company for almost five years. This project falls under Prolifics’ Identity & Access Management Modernization offering.

Our Client


Our client needed to migrate away from a legacy access management system that included approximately 150 workforce and consumer-facing applications, all of which were business critical. The legacy system vendor was discontinuing the offering, meaning it would end its regular support for the product and only provide extended support.

Once the vendor discontinued the legacy system offering, our client was concerned that it would not be supported in a timely manner (or at all) for critical updates addressing the latest security vulnerabilities. In addition, extended support was forecasted to cost our client millions of dollars in fees.

Our client wanted to migrate to the vendor’s new offering before the legacy system’s regular support expired and only the extended support was available. The client was working with an existing migration partner, but the client felt it was not progressing well, and they connected with Prolifics.


We continually migrated applications to the new system, going live with no, or very little, downtime. We kept the prior migration partner’s go-live cycle time of six weeks to migrate the targeted applications. However, while the original migration partner went live with two or three applications during the six-week periods, we automated several of the migration tasks. This meant we would go live with 10 to 12 applications per six-week cycle.


With no, or very little, downtime, Prolifics completed the entire migration to the new access management system while the legacy system was still on regular support. This gave the client peace of mind that critical updates would always be in place while also avoiding payment of large extended-support fees. Our automation reduced the entire time of the project, saving the client money.

The client now enjoys the capabilities of the new system, such as advanced authentication mechanisms and other features enhancing their security posture, as well as a better consumer and workforce user experience. In addition, the client reduced their infrastructure footprint. The old deployment required many servers, which Prolifics converted to virtual machines (VMs).

Prolifics became the trusted partner for the security leadership on this migration project.

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