Customer Satisfaction Soars 21% for Leading Government Healthcare Organization

February 14, 2023

Automation reduces costs and increases medical licensing efficiency

Our client is a government organization based in the Middle East. As a smart licensing, inspections and medical complaints agency, they deliver gold standards in licensing and foster successful medical practices to position Dubai as a leading healthcare hub. We began working with them in 2017.

Our Client


To provide healthcare services in the Middle East, medical professionals must be registered with an active license and renew it on an annual basis. Our client issues two types – professional licenses for doctors, healthcare staff and nurses, and facility licenses for those looking to open a healthcare facility.

Our client had a 200-page rule book that specified license eligibility for a medical professional or facility, the types of licenses available and the criteria needed to qualify. They also depended on an older, SharePoint-based system to issue these licenses. This system required a lot of in-house, custom development, so issuing a license took a lot of time. Additionally, our client’s licensing and inspection services were spread across multiple platforms and locations.

To solve these issues, our client wanted to build a new intelligent licensing system that would:

  • Make all services available online, including renewals, cancellations, transfers, upgrades and facility inspections
  • Convert their 200-page eligibility rule book to an online format within the licensing system
  • Keep all data from their previous system to have a complete record of their work

We’ve had a successful relationship with our client since 2017, so they were confident that our experts could develop an efficient system that would fulfill these needs using integration, modernization, data analytics and automation.


Our experts collaborated to build our client’s new licensing system with:

  • A Citizen Portal, so people can submit their required qualification information for medical licensing digitally using a secure browser on their computers, mobile devices and tablets. People using the portal can also receive additional services and benefits, including medical leave certification and medication management
  • A decision metrics framework, to convert our client’s 200-page rule book to a digital format within the licensing system to provide qualification services for medical and facility licensing online based on those rules
  • A data analytics framework for current and past data, so users can conduct data management, analytics, updates, removals and reporting, using dashboards.


Our client’s new licensing system made all their services available online and completely digitized their medical licensing journey. It reduced operating costs and increased the efficiency of their medical and facility licensing. It is now considered one of the highest rated applications in the Dubai government.

Following the success of this initiative, the client awarded us a managed services contract to provide Service Level Agreement (SLA) production support. We provide 24/7 support and maintenance for the entire application which is running with 99.99% availability.

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