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Red Hat OpenShift Pipelines with Tekton. Brought to you by Prolifics and Red Hat experts. 

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As part of our virtual workshop series, Prolifics will demonstrate CI/CD initiatives and innovative pipelines tools available to support your Red Hat OpenShift and Kubernetes. We’ll highlight solutions from both OpenShift and Kubernetes that help get your applications to runtime seamlessly.

Red Hat OpenShift Pipelines is a cloud-native, continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) solution for building pipelines using Tekton. Tekton is a flexible, Kubernetes-native, open-source CI/CD framework that enables automating deployments across multiple platforms.


How to use CI/CD solutions to implement a Tekton on Red Hat OpenShift and/or Kubernetes

Installing Red Hat OpenShift Pipelines, Tasks, Create & Trigger Pipelines

Configure Web Hooks to automate deployments from GITHUB

Deployment of Sample Java Application using Tekton pipelines via Buildah

Manually Trigger IBM ACE Tekton Pipelines from Tekton Dashboard

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