Does Your Cloud Experience Have a Silver Lining?

August 2, 2023

Does your company prefer a multi-cloud environment? Using two or more cloud platforms so you aren’t putting all of your eggs in one basket? With multiple clouds you can avoid downtime and always have computing and storage available. Or perhaps, like many companies, you feel that cloud provides have specialty areas, and you want to take advantage of each provider’s strength. Or perhaps it’s as simple as not wanting to feel abound or locked in to one provider.

So you decided you want a multi-cloud environment. What’s the next step?

When creating applications that will operate across your multi-cloud environment, you need to account for all of the many little differences within each cloud platform. (That is, heaven forbid that competing platforms be standardized.)

That’s where Prolifics can help. In our unique innovation center, we leverage our experience to build next-generation solutions like our Cloud Template Builder. Cloud Template Builder offers an easy-to-use, visual drag-and-drop construct, so you can have your application ready to deploy across multiple cloud platforms simply and efficiently. It’s another type of “one-and-done” value add that comes from our cloud expertise.

About the Prolifics Innovation Center

The Prolifics Innovation Center leverages our experience to build next-generation solutions like our Cloud Template Builder. We provide the leadership and vision that keep organizations competitive. Our experts work closely with you to incorporate feedback and tailor solutions to your real-world business needs. If you’d like to learn more or become part of our Innovation Center, please email us at

About the Author: – Greg Hodgkinson

Greg is a technology leader and engineer with a track record of establishing teams that deliver breakthrough solutions for business and enterprise IT.

At Prolifics, he works with teams that apply cutting-edge technology to our solutions, as well as approaches that cross practice
lines and incorporate Prolifics’ digital IP into a foundation for innovation.